8.  Tiger Cried                                   
    Grilled marinated beef slices served with thai style spicy dipping sauce.
9.  Street Style Grilled Pork (4 Skewers)
     Grilled marinated pork on skewers served with sweet spicy sauce.
10. Tod Mun Pla (6 Pieces)
     Fish cake served with sweet and sour topped with peanut dipping sauce.
11. Goong Hom Pa (4 Pieces)
     Marinated shrimp in rice wrapper, crispy fried until golden brown and served with Thai sweet and sour sauce.
12. Lettuce Wrapped
     Tossed minced chicken and shrimp, cashew nut, ginger, onion, scallion with lime juice and fresh iceberg lettuce.
13. Nua Dat Diew
     Deep fried marinated sliced beef with Thai seasoning and served with fresh lettuce.

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"Our spicy Levels"
= Not spicy
= Mild
= Medium
= Spicy
= Extra spicy
= Super

Extras : Jasmine rice 1.00/ Brown rice 2.00/ Fried rice 3.50/ Sticky rice 2.00/ Rice Berry rice 2.00/ Steamed vegetables 3.00/ Egg 1.00
Extras Meat : Chicken , Beef or Pork 1.00/ Shrimp 2.00/ Duck or Mock Duck 3.00/ Seafood 3.00/ Tofu or Vegetable 1.00 All natural ingredients, No MSG added. For your convenience 18% gratuity will be added on party of 7 people or more. Check split are limited up to 5 ways.