Lunch Menu

Choice of meats: Chicken, Port and Tofu  $9.95/ Beef  $10.95/
                            Shrimp  $11.95/  Seafood  $12.95
L7.  Pad Khing (Ginger Stir fry)
     Stir-fried fresh ginger, mushrooms, onions and scallions in a brown sauce.
L8.  Him Ma Parn
     Sauteed cashew nuts, onions, tomatoes, pineapple and scallions in a savory sauce.
L9.  Spicy eggplant  
     Stir-fried eggplant, bell peppers, onion and basil leaves in a spicy sauce.
L10.  Pad Normai  
     Stir-fried bamboo shoots, bell peppers, mushrooms in a chili basil sauce.
L11.  Noodles Soup
     Thin rice noodles, bean sprouts in chicken broth soup topped with scallions and cilantro.
L12.  Garlic Shrimp
     Stir fried shrimp with snow peas, asparagus, carrot with brown sauce.


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"Our spicy Levels"
= Not spicy
= Mild
= Medium
= Spicy

Extras : Jasmine rice 1.50 / Brown rice 2.00 / Fried rice 4.0/ Sticky rice 2.00/Steamed vegetables 4.00 / Egg 2.00
Extras Meat : Chicken , Beef or Pork 2.00/ Shrimp 3.00/ Duck or Mock Duck 4.00/ Seafood 4.00 / Tofu or Vegetable 2.00 All natural ingredients, No MSG added. For your convenience 18% gratuity will be added on party of 6 people or more. Check split are limited up to 5 ways.