Lunch Special   (Free Soup)

S1.  Thai Roasted Chicken                                                                         
     Grill Chicken/ Papaya Salad/ Sticky Rice
S2.   Street Style Grilled Pork  
     Thai BBQ Pork/ Papaya Salad/ Sticky Rice
S3.  Honey Roasted Duck/ Rice / Salad (L,D)
S4.  Grill Salmon
     Grill salmon with teiryaki sauce/ Salad/ Fried Rice
S5.  Crispy Tilapia (L,D) 
     Crispy tilapia fillets served with steam vegetables and chill basil sauce on the side/ Rice

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"Our spicy Levels"
= Not spicy
= Mild
= Medium
= Spicy

Extras : Jasmine rice 1.50 / Brown rice 2.00 / Fried rice 4.0/ Sticky rice 2.00/Steamed vegetables 4.00 / Egg 2.00
Extras Meat : Chicken , Beef or Pork 2.00/ Shrimp 3.00/ Duck or Mock Duck 4.00/ Seafood 4.00 / Tofu or Vegetable 2.00 All natural ingredients, No MSG added. For your convenience 18% gratuity will be added on party of 6 people or more. Check split are limited up to 5 ways.